The sea as a legacy

Blusha is a brand created by Charlotte for #BLUSHAGIRLS women. The sea is “in my blood” and has been in my family for three generations. I grew up in a family of boat builders, there was always a multitude of materials, color combinations, development of new designs, know-how and manufacturing quality.

From this family heritage, cradled by the sea, my father passed on to me the love of water, the beach and the sun. I kept memories of balmy summers in Spain and the south of France: days spent swimming, sunbathing and shopping for swimsuits in the summer markets. It was obvious to perpetuate a family passion. Having worked in fashion, shared between this universe and this passion, was born the inspiration which naturally led to the creation of my own French swimwear brand.


An authentic and modern vision

Blusha is imagined and designed in Paris, a fashion signature rich in colors sublimates your body by offering it a sensual touch, an alliance of glamor and elegance. Made from quality European materials, the collection is naturally refined to find what you are looking for while offering you a low price. Our swimsuits are carefully designed with clean cuts and a graphic style with a unique fit to gently flatter your different body types. Delicate or playful prints, bows, drapes, lamé details, comfortable models with a modern and sophisticated style bring freshness and define each piece as a fashion accessory. You feel beautiful at the beach, wear our swimsuits with pleasure and daring like a second skin.